Fan Fiction: Chapter 59

Kidd woke up watching Severide sleep. It was rare that she woke up before him like this. Today was the day she was taking Annie to have her 1-year-old pictures taken. They were going to be a surprise for Severide. It would give her a chance to spend time with Annie. She kissed Severide and he woke up surprised. They had a little time together before getting up and getting ready for the day.

Severide fixed breakfast while Kidd got Annie up. She did not want to put her in her dress for the photos till after breakfast. The photographer was coming to the house to take the pictures in the backyard at 9:00am. Severide was put on duty to go do some shopping. After breakfast, Severide cleaned up and went to do the shopping. Kidd took Annie upstairs and put her in her dress for the pictures.

The dress was white with pink flowers and a pink sash in the middle with a big pink flower on it. Annie looked like a princess in it. This would be the dress Annie was going to wear for the party unless Severide had other ideas. Soon there was a knock on the door. It was the photographer from Must Be Hearts Photography. Kidd let him in and showed him to the backyard. She put Annie down and told the photographer that she would help him as much as she could.

Kidd had a pink and white blanket that they used to sit Annie on for some of the pictures. It was not long before he was finished. He told Kidd that he would e-mail her the proofs later that day and she could choose the photos she wanted along with sizes and how many. Then he would have them to her by Saturday Morning before the party. Kidd knew she would have to get a big one for Cindy and Herrmann to hang in their house, one for Sandy, a few smaller ones to pass out, and a nice one to hang as part of their picture wall in the family room.

Kidd had hung up some family photos on one of the walls in the family room. She enjoyed looking at them. She had noticed Severide talking to Annie about the photos. She was excited about the photos and could not wait to see them. Kidd picked up Annie and took her upstairs. She had to get Annie out of the dress and back into her other clothes before Severide got home.

Soon they heard a car in the drive. It was Severide. Kidd and Annie went downstairs. Kidd put Annie to play while she helped Severide bring in the groceries. He had picked up most of the items for the party too except the cake. It was being delivered on Saturday. Kidd was excited to see how the cake turned out.

Severide had brought home lunch and got it together while Kidd went to get Annie. Then they had a family lunch. After lunch, Kidd put Annie down for a nap before going to rest with Severide. Later she got a message that the pictures were ready. She made the decision about them and smiled. Annie looked so beautiful.

After their nap, Severide grilled in the backyard ribs for dinner along with potatoes, and cauliflower. Kidd made cole slaw and salad. They ate dinner in the backyard as a family. Then they had some family time. Soon it was time for Annie’s bath and off to bed. Then Kidd and Severide showered and went to bed. Saturday was going to be here before they knew it.

Please Mr. Fireman

Hey Mr. FIreman,

Please come back,

To Firehouse 51,

And Squad 3,

They miss you,

We fans miss you,

The show,

Is not the same,

Your wife,

Misses you,

More than,

You know,

Please Mr. Fireman,

Come back,

As soon,

As you can.

Fan Fiction: Chapter 58

Severide woke up watching Kidd sleep. He snuck out of bed to check on Annie. Annie was still sleeping when he walked in her room. She looked so peaceful. How could this sleeping princess be turning 1 soon? Severide closed the door and went back to Kidd. Soon she woke up looking at him. She wondered what was on his mind. She kissed him and he smiled at her. They had a little adult time before heading to the shower. Then they got ready for the day before Annie woke up.

Kidd went to take care of Annie while Severide went to fix breakfast. They ate breakfast as a family. Then Kidd put Annie to playing while she and Severide did some work. Severide watched Annie play. He could not help it think about his baby girl growing up. Babe, you know in a short time our princess will be turning 1. We need to start planning her party. I think we need to have it here. Kidd looked over at Severide. She had not even thought about a party for Annie.

She knew that they would have to invite the 51 family. She was not sure if the Herrmanns could make it, but if not they would take enough pictures of Annie to share with them. She needed to order a cake. It had to be a stitch cake. Then Severide mentioned having a firefighter-themed party given that Annie loved her Lieutenant more than any other stuffy she had. Kidd knew a bakery in town that made specialty cakes. She would contact them about making a Squad 3 cake.

They would decorate the backyard with the firefighter theme. They would have vegetables, fruit, chips, pizzas, burgers, ice cream, and cake. They would do RSVPS to make sure they knew how many people were coming to the party. Then they would know how much food they needed to have. They would pass out the invitations when they were on shift.

Kidd ordered a Squad 3 cake and sent over a picture of Squad 3. Then she was going to order a vegetable and fruit tray from Whole Foods. Then she was going to order pizzas from Pizanos. They would get ice cream, burger supplies, chips, and water too. Severide said he would grill up the burgers the morning of the party. They had to decide what they would need to decorate the backyard with for the party.

Kidd went to Party City to get firetruck plates for food and ones for cake and ice cream, firetruck napkins, firetruck cups, spoons, forks, and decorations. When she got home she put the supplies in the garage. Then she went inside to call Must Be Hearts Photography to set up pictures of Annie.

Annie and Severide were in the backyard. Severide was mowing the lawn while Annie was playing. Severide finished up and came in to fix lunch for them to have outside. After lunch, it was time for Annie to have a nap. Severide put Annie down for her nap and then Severide and Kidd took a nap. Then they got up and Kidd wrote out the invitations for the party while Severide fixed dinner.

Severide finished dinner just as Annie woke up. Kidd went to get her while Severide took dinner out to the backyard. Kidd and Annie joined him and they enjoyed a family dinner. Then Severide came back with cheesecake and ice cream. Annie played in the backyard while Severide and Kidd enjoyed with each other watching her. Then Annie rubbed her eyes.

Time for a bath. Severide picked her up with her arms out ready to go with him. He took her upstairs for the bath while Kidd cleaned up dinner. Then she joined them. Annie was splashing and laughing. She was excited. Then Severide helped Annie out and Kidd got her ready for bed. Then Severide put her to bed.

Then he went with Kidd to have a shower. Then they went off to bed. In one week their princess would be a year old. Time was flying by so fast.

Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 17: My Thoughts

Tonight is Chicago Fire night and I am here once again with a blog post about Season 11. As always I will recap the episode and then I will give my thoughts on the show. As always I welcome your comments on this post and your thoughts about the episode. I love hearing what you think about the show.

The episode begins with a recap. The episode begins at the Herrmann house with Cindy upset about a change in appointments. Herrmann tells her to think good thoughts. Cindy wants to burn the hospital down and Herrmann says good news he will be first on the scene. He tells her that they will get to the appointment. She cries and he hugs her.

Havi talks to Cruz about his sports games. He wants Cruz to come to his game and Cruz tells him about the added work since he is acting Lieutenant. Violet and Carver talk about his vehicle change. Boden and Kidd talk about Severide. He is still gone another month and a half. She talks about her visit with him. Boden says the dynamic is affected with Severide out. Kidd tells him that Severide can’t wait to get back to 51.

Boden sees Herrmann and asks about the appointment that he was to be at. Herrmann explains the change and how it all is affecting Cindy. Boden offers to have DOnna reach out to her for support. The tones go off. Herrmann looks worried and so does Cruz. Kidd directs victims to safety. She tells Herrman to get a line on the fire. Then she gives orders to Truck and Squad. Cruz starts telling Squad what to do. He tells Bamford to stay on his hip. Bamford does not need a babysitter so he says, but Cruz is the boss.

Capp and Tony is sent to the basement. Violet is looking to treat victims. Kidd is calling for victims inside. They find someone who Kidd is trying to get outside. They want to save the cooler. Kidd gives out orders. Cruz is calling for victims. He hears someone calling out for help. he sends Bamford to get her. Cruz keeps calling out. Engine starts with the water. Bamford brings a victim out. Kidd calls for Mouch. No word. Mouch comes out with a locked box that is very hot. They spray it with water to cool it off. A lady is very happy. It was a cooler with blood in it.

Back at 51, they talking about the fire. Bamsford is upset that Cruz tried to sideline him, but he still got the save. Cruz goes to talk to Boden. Cruz tells him about the disrespect from Bamsford. Cruz wants someone else. Boden says to write him up and find a cause. Cruz does not want to give him a black mark. He is there due to Severide’s absence. Boden says to make it work or send him packing. It is Cruz’s call.

Mouch has a model of a Fire Truck. He is building it on commission. Ritter, Gallo, and Brett are interested in it. Mouch is missing a piece. The tones go off for Ambo. A man is acting crazy. He is throwing things. He is seeing things. He wants all of them to leave. It is a COunty Prossecutor’s house. Violet and Brett ask his wife questions. Brett tells Andrew she is going to do a quick exam. Violet and Brett work fast to figure out what is going on with Andrew. They get his stable and get him off to Med. His symptoms don’t add up.

Cruz comes to see Kidd for advice. He needs help with Bamford. Cru wants to give it his best effort. Kidd talks about how she handled Carver and that might work for Cruz with Bamford. Cruz comes to see Bamford. He invites him to Molly’s for a beer. Bamford questions how things go around at 51. Ritter and Gallo are trying to help Mouch with his missing piece. Chief Gerardy comes to see Mouch at work on his model. Chief wants it completed ASAP for his dad. He is excited to see Mouch’s work.

Violet and Brett talk about Andrew’s condition. Carver talks about a similar case at his last house. Violet tells him good guess thought. Brett says good guesses are not good enough in their line of work. Bamford and Crruz talk at Molly’s. Bamford is broke, divorced, and shares custody of his two kids.

Herrmann says he is a terrible person. Kidd asks why. Herrmann says he came to avoid Cindy and tells Kidd what is going on. Kidd gives him advice. Herrmann says he needs to go home to be with Cindy and the kids. Kidd tells him to go home. Herrmann gets home to find them all watching tv.

Violet talks to Redgie in her building. Mouch is on the phone mad. He is trying to find a complete kit for the Fire Truck that he is looking for. Ritter found what he needed. Mouch says he is not giving up on finding the right part. Cruz is talking to Kidd about all he is missing. That included Otis saying Havi’s name for the first time. He does not know how Kidd juggles everything. She says you got this Joe Cruz. Herrmann talks to Boden about Cindy. He is worried about bad news. The appointment is the next day at 9:00am. It seems that Matt Casey has been calling regularly to check in on the Herrmanns. Boden is not surprised. The calls cheer her up. Cindy is holding things together really well and he is losing it. Herrmann is afraid the chemo did not work and there are not a lot of other options. Herrmann says it might all be fine.

Brett and Violet are gathering supplies at Med. They talk to Will Hallsted about their recent patient because another patient comes in with the same symptoms. The medics say this was the 2nd one that day and Lake Shore had seen others. Mouch is hard at work on the model and is almost done. One last decal and it is done. 18 hours of building time. Mouch says it was worth it, but it is not complete. Ritter found the part he is missing. Mouch asked how much. He wants to swap. Mouch has an idea.

Brett and Violet talk about the cases. Then Violet talks to Carver about a construction job with her neighbor. Tones go off and they show up to find a woman they had seen before. Maryline is having the same symptoms as her husband. Cruz gets lunch for Squad 3. Herrmann is pacing and talking to Cindy on the phone. Bamsford is busting Herrmann. Herrmann is about to go off on him. Herrmann tells him that he will not know anyone as good as Cindy. Cruz apologizes for Bamsford. Herrmann says to have him stay clear of him or Bamsford will get laid out.

Violet and Brett and concerned about the patients they have had. They try to figure out what is going on. They go to see Andrew. They ask him questions about what happened. Andrew gets the medications that they took. They ask questions about the medication. Brett is worried it was tampered with. Violet finds evidence it was.

Boden is on the phone. Vought tells Brett and Violet nice work. He is on the case. They are looking to find a suspect. Boden says they saved lives today. Boden says IAD will have answers soon enough. The guy with the deck gun came to 51. He wants to trade first before he gives over the part. They give him a slamagin.

Brett, Violet, and Carver talk about the victims. Then Carver tells Violet about her neighbor. Cruz talks to Bamford. He tells him he is not a good fit. Bamford makes excuses. Cruz says find another house. Kidd comes in to find him. Cruz said he followed his gut. He feels like he is not cut out for the job of Lieutenant. Kidd says it is the opposite. He is cut out for it.

Mouch delivers the model. The Chief could not thank him enough. Mouch finds out it was for the Cheif’s daughter from his dad. Brett and Violet watch a video with Upton. They find out about what they found out. The appointment was moved from 9:00am to 4:00pm and Cindy is mad.

Cindy goes off on the doctor. She is pissed. The doctor says he will see her. The doctor talks about the fact that he is always giving out bad news. He tells Cindy that she is cancer free. The chemo did its job. Cindy and Herrmann are happy. Cindy is happy crying. Herrmann hugs her.

Now my thoughts on the episode: This episode has a lot of stuff in it. Trying to keep up is hard.

Mouch: I think Mouch did a great thing even if it was going to be a toy for a Chief’s little girl. I loved how Ritter and Gallo tried to help him find the lost part for the model.

Violet and Brett: I loved how they put things together to solve the case of patients with a mysterious illness. They were able to help Vought and Upton with it.

Violet and Carver: I am so glad that Violet was able to get Carver that job with her neighbor. She must really like Carver in a friend way.

Bamsford: This guy got on my nerves from moment 1 he was at 51. He always made a joke out of everything. Then to get upset because he was in his mind babysat at a fire call by is acting Lieutenant was something else. I think Cruz did the right thing by moving him one. He clearly was not the right fit for the house.

The Herrmanns: The scenes with Cindy and Herrmann were great. I loved getting to see how Cindy really felt about everything she was going through. Plus we got to see how doctors give patients the run around these days. I am so happy Cindy got the fantastic news that she is cancer free. Maybe now they can have a party.

Stellaride: So again they mention Severide. They give the time frame of a month and a half for him to be back. Not liking that. I love how Kidd was there for Cruz again. I love how she mentioned a possible baby, but not just yet. That gives me hope that Severide is coming back to 51. Just hope it is before the end of the season.

Next Wednesday, April 5, 2023, Chicago Fire is ALL NEW with Season 11 Episode 18: Danger Is All Around at 9:00pm (eastern) on NBC. I will be back with anothe blog post then. Again please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Just The Same

In the shower,

At 51,

Trying to avoid,


Think you are doing,

What is best for her,

So she,

Can advance her career,

What you are really doing,

Is driving a wedge,

Between you,

Not supporting her,

So you go find her,

At Brett’s,

To talk,

To explain,

She gets mad,

Before she even,

Hears what you,

Have to say,

You explain,

You make up,

Vowing to never,

Let her go again,

Later in a fire,

You ask her,

To marry you,

She says yes,

Then over a year later,

You make her,

Your forever,

Mrs. Severide,

You love her,

More than she knows,

She loves you,

Just the same.

Fan Fiction: Chapter 57

Severide woke up watching Kidd sleep. He did not want to go to work. He would rather stay home and spend the day in his new house with the girls. However, he knew he had to go to work. Severide kissed Kidd and they had a little Adult time before getting up and getting ready for the day. Then Severide went to get Annie ready for the day. Kidd took the station gear to the car when her phone rang. Hey, Morgan. What’s up? You are. Well, that is just great. Annie will be thrilled. Are you planning to stay the night here? Well, we can work that out when you get here. See you soon.

Kidd loaded up the car and went back to find Severide. Guess what? Morgan is going to watch our little princess here today if you are ok with it. I am going to give her a key just in case they go out while we are at work. She talked like she was going to pop in to see Herrmann and Cindy. Severide was finishing dressing a very talkative Annie went Kidd came in with the news. Both he and Annie were smiling. It would be good for Annie to stay at home and not have to go elsewhere.

Just then Morgan arrived. Severide helped Annie downstairs to meet her. Kidd gave instructions about meals, naps, playtime, and bath. She put a list of important numbers on the fridge for Morgan. Severide kissed Annie bye and Annie cried. Kidd kissed her and waved bye. They knew their daughter was in good hands. They just did not want to leave her.

At 51, Ambo was already out on a call for a woman that had fallen. Then engine got a call. Severide and Kidd both did paperwork. The day went by slowly. Gallo got together some of Casey’s corned beef for lunch. Then Ambo got another call for a heart attack. Ambo had to call for assistance to get into the victim from Squad 3. Then there was a car crash that required everyone to go. Miller whipped up his stepmother’s famous meatloaf with mashed potatoes, maple coleslaw, and a salad with maple bourbon dressing.

They had a call that brought the whole house out. Severide came back and tried to sleep. He just wanted shift to be over soon so he could go home to his baby girl. Before he knew it shift was over. Time to go home to Annie.

You Are Beautiful

You are beautiful,

You are treasured,

You are held,

You are more,

You are smart,

You are special,

You are loved,

More than you know,

I pray daily,

God handles,

Whatever you,

Are facing,

That you surrender,

The darkness,

In your life,

To him,

He will fight it,

He will restore you,

Make you who you were,

An bring you back to us.

Come Back

You have to come back,

To the love,

Of Your life,


She misses you,

The fans of the show,

Miss you,

Come back to us,

We want,

To see you,

Before the end,

Of Season 11

Fan Fiction: Chapter 56

Sunday morning Severide woke up watching Kidd sleep. He snuck out of bed to check on Annie who was sleeping soundly in her new bed. She had her stuffed cat Cosmo on one side and Lieutenant on the other. She looked so peaceful. Severide went back and crawled in to bed with Kidd. He smiled. He was happy with how their lives were going. He took Kidd in his arms. He loved holding his girls in his arms. He laid in bed watching Kidd sleep.

Kidd woke up noticing he was watching her sleep. She had a feeling that they had just enough time for a little adult time before Annie woke up. So she made her move and Severide knew exactly what she wanted. After they were done they laid in each other’s arms. Then they got up, had a shower, and got ready for the day. Then they went downstairs to fix breakfast. Soon Annie woke up calling for Daddy.

Severide went upstairs to get her and got her dressed for the day. Then they went downstairs to have a family breakfast. After breakfast, Kidd got a few toys together in a basket. Then they went outside to enjoy the backyard. Severide had ideas to put in a flower bed for some flowers and even have some raised beds for vegetables in the Summer. Kidd put a blanket down in the yard and Severide set Annie on it. Kidd then put the basket of toys next to her.

Annie played happily while Severide and Kidd sat on the outside couch watching. They were enjoying family time together. Severide heard a car pull up. It was Boden, Donna, and Tarrence. They came to bring a housewarming gift. Severide gave them a tour of the house and then lead them to the backyard. Tarrence went over to play with Annie while the adults talked. Severide and Kidd were happy the Bodens stopped by. Soon Boden, Donna, and Terrance left. Then Severide went in to make lunch. He brought it out to the backyard for them. After lunch, Kidd cleaned up and Severide put Annie down for a nap.

Then Severide and Kidd went to rest. Severide had laid out steaks to do for dinner. He was thinking about grilling them in the backyard so they could have dinner outside. Then after dinner, they enjoyed ice cream and cheesecake in the backyard. Then when it got dark he picked up Annie and pointed at the stars. He wanted her to see them. She babbled, smiled, and pointed. Then Annie rubbed her eyes.

Severide took Annie upstairs and put her in the bath. She splashed, laughed, and played happily. Then Severide got her out and got her ready for bed. He read her a story and then put her in bed. She had Cosmo Cat and Lieutenant in bed with her. Then Severide went to have a bath with Kidd and off to bed. Tomorrow was back to work.

Fan Fiction: Chapter 55

Severide woke up excited. He could not wait for shift to be over so he and Kidd could go look at the house. He was excited to start a new chapter of his life with his girls. Severide went in to the locker room and put his things in his station bag. He wanted to be ready to walk out the door at the stroke of 8:00am. Kidd came to find him. Well, someone is in a hurry to get out of here when shift is over. Severide looked up from his bag. He walked over to Kidd and took her in his arms. I am just so excited for us to go see the house this morning. He smiled and kissed her. I can’t wait to start a new chapter of life with my girls. Kidd smiled back and kissed him.

She opened her locker and put her things in her station bag. She was excited too. They were going to look at a home that was going to be all their own to raise their daughter in. A place where they could grow old together. A place that would be closer to work. Severide looked at his watch. It was 8:00am exactly and time for shift change. Babe, let’s go. We don’t want to be late. Kidd grabbed her bag and walked out with Severide putting her arm around his.

They got to the house just as the agent was pulling up. Good morning, Mr. and Mrs. Severide. My name is Lisa and I am the agent that is assigned to this house. I am excited to give you a tour of the house. Before we go in I want to tell you all about it. Severide and Kidd smiled. They were excited to go inside to see it. Lisa handed them a pamphlet about the house. This does not do the house justice.

The first floor is a spacious sunlit home with a living room with a large bay window, and 1 of 3 fireplaces that flows into the dining area. Gourmet kitchen with top-of-the-line commercial grade appliances such as Five Star 48-inch six burner double oven with Lava Briquette Char Broiler. The kitchen meets up perfectly to the family room, the perfect location to gather. Three bedrooms on the second level, an ensuite primary bedroom with three generous closets including a walk-in, a bathroom with jetted tub, and a separate steam shower. Bathrooms on all levels, a skylight in the center of the home that brings light throughout, two outdoor decks plus a private landscaped back yard and a private half-acre park.

Severide and Kidd were excited. Why don’t I show you the inside? They walked up the front steps and Lisa unlocked the door. They walked into the foyer. There was a bench that opened up for storage. It had a built-in case to put shoes in, nice tall windows that let lots of light in, and hardwood floors. There was also a bathroom on one end that had a nice walk-in shower. Lisa explained that this could be used if someone came in from outside dirty and needed to shower.

The foyer led to the laundry room. There was a front-load washer and dryer, a huge utility sink, cabinets for storage, a tall upright freezer, and what looked like a clothesline. They walked into the kitchen. It had a French Door Fridge with a freezer on the bottom, a 48-inch stove with side by side double oven, a separate grill top, a huge double ranch house sink, dishwater, a huge window behind the sink, spacious counters, an island in the middle, and a huge walk-in pantry with lots of storage.

They walked into the family room. There was lots of space to put a couch, recliner, and a tv on the wall. The room had tall windows on one side. They went into the dining room which had room for a huge table with chairs, a china cabinet, and a buffet table. They walked out and up the stairs. They went down the hallway to see the bedrooms. Each bedroom had its own bathroom. One had a walk-in shower and a separate bathtub, and the other just had a walk-in shower. Both rooms had nice windows that let in the sunlight. They were nice and big for room for a bed, dressers, a desk, and also had a walk-in closet.

They went to see the master bedroom. It was huge with tall windows. It had a huge walk-in closet with built-in dresser drawers on both sides and room for two people to have separate places to hang clothes. They walked into the bathroom and along one wall was storage for towels and other bathroom items. Then they walked into the huge jetted tub in the middle. On the right side was a room was a double sink and next to it was a walk-in steam shower.

The skylight was over the stairs. There was an entry to the backyard from the kitchen and one from next to the foyer bathroom. They went outside to see the backyard. It was so big. It would be perfect to put up a swing set for Annie. It even had a pool and a hot tub too. Off to the side of the house was a huge two-car garage that had an entry in the back for a lawn mower.

Severide and Kidd were in love with it. Lisa gave them the price of $300,00. Severide thought they could get a loan for that and get back to Lisa. Severide walked away as Kidd kept talking to Lisa. He called Chase Bank and they would give him a loan for the house that day. All they had to do was come by and sign the paperwork. Severide walked over to Kidd to talk to her and she agreed. He told Lisa once he had the check in hand he would bring it to her. Then they could finalize the paperwork for the house and get started on the move.

Severide called Herrmann and asked him to watch Annie a bit longer. Herrmann said that Morgan was there and would not mind watching Annie a bit longer. Severide and Kidd zipped over to the bank and signed the paperwork. Then they took the check to Lisa and signed more paperwork. Once that was finished she handed them the keys to the house. It was all theirs. The next step was to tell their landlord at the loft they were moving.

Severide and Kidd picked up Annie and told Herrmann and Cindy the good news. They promised to have them over to the house when they got moved in. They went to the apartment and started packing. Severide figured he could get Squad 3 along with Ritter and Gallo to help them move. He would talk to them on shift. If all fell into place they would move into the new place on Saturday.

Severide called Ms. Winston the landlady and told her the news. She was fine with it and told them they had 30 days to be out as standard practice. Kidd was busy packing. She started in Annie’s room. She packed up anything that was not necessary for her at the moment. Then she went to Severide’s bedroom and packed. She had two rooms under her belt by lunchtime.

She packed the living room next. Then Severide told her to take a break and have lunch. The packing could wait for tomorrow. They had a family lunch and then nap time. Severide had a great idea. Since Annie was waking it was time to get her a big girl bed. Kidd agreed and after the nap, they looked online for toddler beds. They found one they liked and could get it in store for her. Kidd called to order it. They also ordered a new table for the dining room with chairs, a bigger couch, and a new recliner. All was going to be delivered on Saturday. Severide had a bed in storage that he was going to get out for the house.

Later Kidd made a list of all the things they were getting rid of to see if anyone at 51 wanted them or knew someone that would. Severide wanted to put Annie’s baby bed in storage which was fine with Kidd. They fixed dinner together and talked about the new house. They were excited about it and could not wait to get moved in.

Annie woke up calling for Daddy. Severide went to get her. He was excited for her to see the new house. I think we will keep the couch for now so that we have two in the Family room. That would mean we are not getting rid of anything at the moment. Kidd was ok with that. After dinner, they spent family time. Herrmann called and said Morgan’s dad had a huge truck for his business that he would let them borrow to move things with on Saturday. Severide was grateful for that.

Saturday came quickly. At 8:00am Capp, Tony, Cruz, Gallo, and Ritter showed up to help move. Morgan and her dad came with the truck. Morgan volunteered to watch Annie while they loaded the trucks. After everything was loaded up, Severide turned in the apartment keys, took one last look at the loft, and headed for the new house.

Before the trucks were unloaded Severide gave everyone a tour of the house. Everyone loved it. Morgan watched Annie as things got set up. Morgan volunteered to come back and watch Annie while Kidd unpacked everything. Kidd was grateful. Morgan left with her dad and returned quickly. In a little bit of no time, Kidd with the help of Capp, Tony, Cruz, Gallo, and Ritter had everything unpacked and in place. Then the other furniture arrived and the guys helped carry it in.

Severide fixed hamburgers and sides for lunch as a thank you to the guys for helping. Then it was time for Annie’s nap. Severide said he would plan a barbeque for one Saturday to invite all of 51 to come to see the house. The guys like that idea. Severide and Kidd went upstairs to nap after everyone left.

That night Severide ordered from Viaggio Restaurant for dinner. He was exhausted from the move and he knew Kidd was too. After dinner, they sat out on the deck off the kitchen to enjoy the evening. Then it was time for Annie to go to bed. Severide took her to her room to give her a bath. She happily splashed in the tub. Then he got her ready and off to bed. Severide went into the master bedroom to find Kidd ready to get into the jetted tub. He got ready and then got into the tub to enjoy time together. Then it was off to sleep their first night in their new home.

They were starting a new chapter of life. Severide held Kidd in his arms watching her sleep. He listened to Annie talking to her stuffies as she drifted off to sleep. It was perfect. Severide loved this life with his girls.